Friday, November 1, 2013

My Paranormal Experiences

Hello everyone. I have been absent for a long time, all I can say for that is school is killer. It's the day after Halloween and I hope everyone had a good one but I still thought I'd share these stories with you even if it is up a little late. If you don't believe, fine, to each their own.

First off, I've had wayyy too many for my liking. My friends and I were really into the paranormal, wanted to go on ghost hunts and were just fascinated by it. Partly because we had had a lot of things happened to us, before we met and after.  Also I'd like to say we were not these people who saw a dust ball and automatically said everything was a ghost. We tried to find explanations, re-create what happened.  I won't say all of them, but I will put a few.

I have two nights that always stick out in my mind from when we were together, and when we talk about old times it's obvious these are the ones she remembers as well. Oh and btw, we always say her house old house is haunted (she's since moved out), because there are just so many things that go on there.  Anyway, I was spending the night at her house and we needed to be up early to go to a car show and help run a booth.  Between her and her sister they have quite a few cats. I know animals are always ones to freak you out.
        Well everyone was in bed, including her sister and we always slept in the living room, she on the couch and myself in the recliner. All the lights were off and we decided to go to bed finally, her sister had the cats locked in her room with her. We shut our eyes, and in the,click,,click...we looked at each other. No lights were going on or off and yet it was the same click from a lamp. As if someone was turning it on and off. She went down the hall to see if it was her family, everyone was asleep.  So we tried to go to go to sleep again. click. It wouldn't stop for a good 10 minutes I think. Next thing you know we hear her cats hissing and growling like crazy so we jump up and the cat is in the corner near  us. We couldn't figure out what she was hissing at and then we realized...why is the cat out here? So we went to her sisters room and asked her if she had let the cat out. Well we had woken her up out of a dead sleep and her door was literally locked. the cat got out is beyond me. It was a crazy night, and neither of us slept very well.

Another story in her house is one of the greatest ones I think. Because we didn't talk about it much at the time but at school a couple days later we realized we had heard the same things. It was confirmation that we weren't just hearing things and that we heard the same thing without realizing what was going on.

Another night at her house, we had pulled an all nighter. We decided to go to bed when we realized the sun was coming up, but we were both on the couch. It's one of those big L shaped ones. As we were going to sleep I heard a young woman's voice say something. I thought it was her saying something to me but no she hadn't. I was a little freaked but kept to myself and fell asleep.
     I'm going to call my friend A during this. So A's experience was she heard a young woman say "hey"  and she thought it had been me, because it was so loud in her ear and clear.  At the time we did the "did you say something? no did you?" game.  At school we were talking and realized we both heard a young woman, closer to her but enough where I could hear it. Freakiest thing ever to know you had someone talking to you.

Now I have a few recent ones of my own I'll share with you. My daughter was very young, only a few months and was sleeping in a little rocker next to my side of the bed. My husband was working through the night so he wasn't home but I remember someone kicking the bed, hard next to me. I have no other way to describe it.  That was it but still haha.

Another similar one, my husband was working through the night and my daughter was the same age. I had turned over since I had woken up and was still trying to go back to sleep when I felt someone sit on the bed next to my legs. Full on sit down, I was groggy and thought it was my husband before remembering he wasn't home. No one was there but man I felt it.

Can I just say ghosts need to knock it off with bothering me while I'm in bed? haha

More recently, a couple months before we moved it was morning, and I was still sleeping, but the bed shaking woke me up. I remember thinking it's an earthquake or a ghost. I was just really annoyed. I've had my bed shake before multiple times but I guess I was just fed up either way.  I said, "go away" and I still don't know why I decided to do that to this day. But it was a mistake.  Next thing I know I have someone poking the crap out of my neck and each time with a "No, NO, NO".  It hurt sooo bad. And it scared me to death and I'm still scared something like that will happen again.

So there are  few of my experiences, hopefully they weren't too scary and you enjoyed them. If you don't believe, hopefully you just got a kick out of them.  Hope you all had a great Halloween. If you have any experiences yourself leave them in the comments below!

And most importantly:     DON'T LET THE GHOST STEAL YOUR CANDY!