Thursday, February 28, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick Review

So first and foremost I again apologize for the sad quality of the pictures. I promise I'll get the hang of it or a better camera one day haha. So today I have a review for the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in the color Iconic Iris.
                                                         yay for reading backwards lol

So that is the little tube, it is a little shimmery in the tube but you can't tell once it's on your lips.

                                                This does have a doe foot applicator

I was hoping for a darker color to go over some other things I heard that this stays on really well.

                                   Here is the swatch to me it is a darker rose color, a little sheer in places

                                         This is my lips before putting anything on

                            And after, as you can see it's not much of a difference, more enhancing my natural color.

              Here it is from a distance. It does make the lips darker but like I said not much darker than my              natural color.

So all in all this would probably work better if your lips weren't quite as pigmented. I do like how it goes on but the big downfall for me is that it is really sticky once it dries. I hate that feeling. The good news is that there really isn't much transfer at all when drinking or smooching haha! If you can throw some lip balm over it  or if you just don't mind the sticky feeling then this would be a great product! I hope to get some other colors at some point.

P.S. I am now on Polyvore! Hoping to design some affordable outfit options for everyone! Click Here! to follow my fashion board :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Tattoo: Pinterest Inspiration

Aliright I know this already sounds super lame and stupid. Who the hell would get a tattoo off Pinterest?! I promise it's not exact and I do have a reason behind it. Now I'm sure most of you who have Pinterest have seen this little image floating around
I know I've seen a lot of people saying they got this exact tattoo on there as well. Which I'll admit discouraged me for a bit, I didn't want a tattoo everyone else had. But it was the first thing I pinned that started my tattoo board.  It was something I didn't have to think about I wanted it. I loved the idea of this little song bird.
   So thinking about it for awhile I turned to my nerdy side. You know Final Fantasy? The game? Yeah I decided to take the opening theme from Final Fantasy 10 and put those music notes in instead of the ones used in the above picture.  I know you're saying WTF?! Are you stupid? Between Pinterest and a video game you must be.  I know I get it.
   I've always loved music, been in choir, always singing along with my best friends I've had since 5th grade. Music was a huge part of our lives and we moved away, them to college, me to chase my sweetheart as he joined the Marines.  It's still hard.  Anyway another big part of our lives were video games, particularly Final Fantasy. We always talk about old times and always, always come back to Final Fantasy 10.  We had the soundtracks the books we drew the characters. The beginning theme is so pretty too, I've always loved it.  So I decided this would be my first tattoo to keep me close to them. To always remember that happiness when I feel lonely. Obviously everyone will just see a bird or that bird from Pinterest, but I see the music. I did make a couple of changes with it but overall I'm happy with it.
                                                    Excuse my shirt haha

It's larger than I intended but I love it, I don't regret it at all and I just want more.

Did it hurt?  Oh yeah. I've always heard and felt that I had a high pain tolerance but this did hurt way more than I was expecting. Nothing that had me crying or flipping out but it was definitely sore. Once I got used to it it was a little better.

This was a really light tattoo so it actually healed up in a little over a week. That was nice.
All in all I thought it was such a popular pin maybe someone would like to see it as an actual tattoo instead of a drawing.  Enjoy!

Dress your size!

Ok ok now anyone who knows me also knows I'm not the biggest fashion guru ever. Hell if I'm not in my Pajamas when you see me you're pretty special. But frankly I'm a stay at home mom and I don't like  putting my twins in jail.  I totally get it, trust me. I try not to judge others, I really don't but hey we are guilty of it, and if you say your not, well then may your pants catch on fire!
   On my way out of Jamba Juice (you need to go there if you have never been) I saw another lady who I only noticed for one reason, she was also plus size, but dressed like a slob. Forgive me it's harsh I know. But let me just describe to you what I saw that made me notice.  A very dirty messy, not sexy messy, pony tail. A baggy faded Mickey  Mouse shirt,thin cheetah leggings that were used as pants, and furry boots.  Now like I said rarely do I leave the house but when I do I try to look presentable. If anything I'd like to fool everyone into thinking I'm totally together.  But looking back that hasn't always been the case.
    Ladies I know how it can be hard to find the right fit. I know that I used to just throw on whatever I could fit into and not care. Usually a baggy T-shirt and jeans. Once I even just wore a T-shirt, those really baggy mesh disasters of "workout" pants shoes and a pony. How I went to school in that I have no idea. I guess like I said in my Background post I hated shopping and it was frustrating. So why try? Getting older I've learned that if you just dress your size no one will notice. And bonus you will feel 10x better about yourself. Granted I still throw on Jeans and a T-shirt but it's usually a T-shirt with a design and that fits right. It's just what I like, but I do style my hair do my makeup even if it's just a 2 minute thing, I attempt to be a a little better.  I realize I sound high and mighty trust me that's not what I'm getting at. Just saying I've been there too.
  You don't have to feel bad about yourself or self conscious. You just have to accept what type of clothes you need to look for whether that's taking the first step into a Plus size store or realizing a certain cut of a dress or shirt may not look as good on you as your friends. Once you try and figure out what you need I promise you  will feel so much better about yourself and going out into public if you put in just a small amount of effort.  You may say well I don't care what other people think of me.  Well that's fine and dandy but this is about you. I think if you "dressed up" into just a good pair of jeans and a well fitting shirt you  would be surprised at how good you feel. And then it turns into being effortless once you do the shopping bit. It's just so important to get clothes for your body, not everyone is the same.
    Please just love yourself, love yourself enough to let you enjoy clothes and take care of yourself.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lovely Lips: Maybelline Color Vivids: Vivd Rose

Alrighty guys I know I've been gone but we moved this weekend! However I wanted to get a new post up.
   Now the Maybelline Color Vivids are pretty new and I picked one up in the color Vivid Rose awhile ago. I'm new to lipsticks and all that and wanted a nice spring color and thought oh these would be the way to go, nice bright colors.  Let me just warn you these lip colors are not for the shy, they are called Vivids for a reason.
    The texture is really nice and goes on smooth, I don't feel like my lips are dry or sticky. I usually tone this down by biting a tissue a coupe times and maybe putting something over it but for this post I skipped that. Even still I feel that this color will fade a little through the day but you still get a nice wash of color which is great if you're like me and don't really touch up your makeup during the day, set it and forget it!
   So lets get on with it! Here are some swatches for you.

                                            Are you scared of the color yet? I was!


                      Hope these swatches were helpful! Have a good weekend everybody :)                

Click Here to get this color! Or to check out any others haha

Friday, February 15, 2013

Mani Mania: Essie Lilacism

Hey everyone! So today I bring you another nail polish. Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with Essie? It's becoming a problem, I won't lie.  Anyway here is the picture with a short review!

Now I really love this color, it is a grey-ish purple that is nice and subtle on the nails. I think this is a great polish for spring when you want a little pop of color without being in your face about it. The application on this one was easier than Fiji and didn't streak as much. I might try Fiji again, I have a feeling I just don't know how to apply light colors. This is 3 coats and 1 coat of OPI Topcoat, now I do think you can get away with 2 coats but I usually apply my polish pretty thin.

Click Here if you want to check it out!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Makeup!

Hello everyone. I know I know finally a fun post! Now I know that everyone and their brother is doing this type of post but that's ok. A lot of people I've seen are doing a very bright look in some aspect either lips, nails, or their eyes but I have something a little different to offer you.
   My husband likes things dark in every department, clothes makeup all that.  So today though I know in these pictures you can't tell (I'm sorry for the poor quality), I have a dark red to black smokey eye and a darker berry lip.  Below I will list all of the products I used.
Oh and one more thing I have a before and after shot, I don't know about you but I love to see the crazy way people change with makeup!

 Here I just have some Simple moisturizer on, as you can see i have acne scarring and redness, dark circles the whole shabang.              

                                   I'm sorry for the glare I think it's partly the foundation, and I'm pasty haha!

   Hopefully you can see the eyes better. It's a subtle hint of red just so I don't look like a panda, though I do love pandas.    

So this is just my take on a look for today just in case you needed a darker look :) Hope all of you have fun today and eat yourself into a sugar coma!  

Products Used
Maybelline BB Cream in light/medium (as a primer)
Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation in alabaster (applied with BH Cosmetics Duo Fiber Stippling Brush)
Mary Kay concealer in Beige 2
Maybelline Dream Lumi in Radiant (under eyes)
Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed powder in light
NYC Sunny Bronzer (applied with ELF powder brush)
Rimmel Blush in Tickle Me Pink 
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk
MAC Eyeshadow in Star Violet (over the color tattoo)
MAC Eyeliner in Smolder
The darkest black in the BH Cosmetics 120 pro palette 1st edition 
Benefit there real mascara 
Revlon Just Bittin Lip Balm+stain in Beloved
Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie

Moms should NOT be ashamed!

Ok so today I read something on Facebook, (I know drama central haha) that really just stuck with me all day and not in a good way.  Now I never confronted this person I don't even have a clue who they are.  Basically someone was looking about advice getting onto WIC and the formula they give because they will no longer be breast feeding. Standard question right?  Well I guess not. Someone one piped in saying that the lady asking should do this,this, and this to keep her baby on breast milk longer. The impression I got was you are not doing it right. Which is whatever, doesn't concern me. What I really didn't like was after a few other comments were exchanged someone said they were praising and congratulating for keeping them away from formula this long. Like really?! Maybe now you're sitting there wondering what my gripe about it is.
    As a mom, and I'm sure if you are a mom, you know how hard it is. There is so much pressure not only from yourself to make this little tiny life thrive but from everyone else. You can barely get in sleep and a meal and just pray for quiet 15 minute shower while you devote yourself to this little one. You try so hard and then people act like they know everything or a parenting decision you make just makes you the worst person on the planet. It sucks. So I'm sure that lady asking the question wasn't feeling great about switching to formula to begin with only to hear another person criticizing her must have hurt.  I'm hurt. I could only breastfeed for 2 weeks. Then my body stopped producing it, is that my fault? NO! And you know what I didn't let my daughter starve like so many others do. I tried until it didn't work and then I gave her the best formula for her. Sometimes it's not a choice, and even if it is who cares?! Unless that baby is being harmed it really isn't their business. My daughter was on formula from 2 weeks old until a year old. Guess what? She's fine and healthy.
   So moms don't be ashamed if you don't know why you have to do things one way when everyone else seems to be going a different direction. Each kid and parent is different. Some things work and some things don't. They don't know what it takes to be a good parent to your kid, only you do.

And while we are on the subject don't be ashamed if you don't have time to go to the gym or work out. I get it. The last thing on earth I want to do after chasing my daughter all day or not getting much sleep is to do crunches on the floor. It's a much needed break for my sanity. Some moms can do it or are able to get a babysitter they trust, some aren't so lucky. I know it sucks to see the other moms getting all skinny or skinnier than they were before their baby. Your day will come too.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mani Mania: Essie Fiji

Woo I have something fun for you finally! Last night I painted my nails in a new color I bought a few days ago. Now I do apologize for the lighting, the polish doesn't show up very well on my camera but I will show you my picture and another from the internet.

 this is my picture, I'm sorry for the ragged edges but it was late and I'm moving today so i figured they will get ruined anyway.

Now this well groomed person is from the internet..obviously ;)

As you can tell it's one of those color where lighting effects it. It is a very light pale pink. Now I normally stay away from bright colors, I tend to be a dark purple and black sort of person in clothing as well as polish. But this year I am trying to be a little brave. You might think this is boring or maybe you don't think you can wear a pastel like color but guess again! I always thought that too but I am in love with this polish. I think it looks better in person than any picture can show you.  The great part is I think this would look good on just about anyone, it is a very flattering color.  Perfect for if you want to have something on your nails but can't decide on which one or just don't feel like a bold color. If I were to go to a job interview or worked in public with a strict dress code this is something I would gladly throw on and not worry about it being too loud but looking put together.
     The downside to this polish is that it really needs 3 coats. In my picture I am wearing 2 coats with 1 coat of OPI top coat. Like I said short on time and moving so I didn't bother with a last coat thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. My husband saw my hand after I was done and even he commented that it looked blotchy. So if you are willing to work with it and have the time I would really recommend this color!

Click Here to check it out!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's the little things

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.  This is a phrase I've kept close recently.  I think it could be helpful to you or just having something to help you get through tough times or a bad day is a good idea.  For example the stress of your job, school or any big event in your life can have you ripping out your hair by the end of the day. I know I frequently reach that point. Sometimes it might seem like everything is going wrong and the whole day is going to be just awful. That is when I stop and think well all this went bad but at least I got Starbucks today and that was delicious, (it really is, try the snickers frap!). Or maybe if you are feeling down paint your nails, who doesn't feel better after getting dolled up? I suppose the fellas out there can lift weights or play games, whatever your thing is ;).
    Have you ever been in a rut and that is why your day just isn't fantastic or you just aren't in a good mood and don't know why? Maybe hang out with a friend, go for a walk, just change up your normal routine.  I found that I was rather bored with how I looked. Now don't get me wrong everyone should be comfortable with themselves which I was. However I like to play with makeup, which isn't the easiest thing with a toddler running around, so moms I get it, that isn't always an option.  Even still do one eye then play with your kid, I they will get a kick out of it if anything and you can both have a giggle. At night pamper yourself and do a facial mask and paint your nails then if you are married or live with a boyfriend they can have a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine after all.  Anywho I changed my hair color and I've been being more bold than my normal self and getting bright lipstick and nail polish. Just those little changes in the day can do a world of good.  Screw New Years resolutions, how about a goal?  Let us ladies of every shape and size make a goal to take care of ourselves this year. With the stress and craziness of life I think we forget to appreciate ourselves and just let ourselves have fun.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hello beauties! For my first post I really wanted to sit back and just tell everyone my inspiration for this blog.   I am a stay at home mom and wife to a Marine. I have always been bigger than my friends and had a hard time shopping in stores. I've had eating issues and always hated myself head to toe. On top of it I of course struggled (and still struggle) with acne when none of my friends did.  There are so many expectations of how to look in this world, it can be hard sometimes.
     My heaviest was 165 and on a 5ft frame that adds up. Looking back now I'd kill to be there again. Getting pregnant I wasn't the best about what I ate and also ended up with severe pre-eclampsia. So needless to say I gained a looooot of weight. Now I float between 185 and 189. I shop at a plus size store and can't find normal clothes to fit. But it's ok, I love Torrid! Ladies if you are sorta new to being in the plus size club I would definitely check them out. I know I was at a loss when I couldn't really wear maternity clothes anymore but couldn't find anything to fit me. Luckily as embarrassed as I was back then to walk into that store I am so glad I did. The ladies (at least in my experience) are all plus sized and super nice and helpful. They make you feel normal while shopping. Even when I was 20lbs lighter I felt ashamed getting the bigger size.Shopping in general was a nightmare and I never bought anything after trying on 2 pieces of clothing I'd get so mad and ashamed I would just start crying.
    I've had some dark times with my body issues, just as I'm sure most have. So even if you're not plus size please look around.  My main goal is to just help everyone except themselves and feel comfortable. Life is too short to be miserable because you're too thin or too big, not the right skin color or body shape.  Who cares really? If you are a good person that is what people are attracted to. Never should anyone feel guilty or bad if they eat a burger or a cookie. Enjoy life where you can. There are good limits but when it's extreme, that is what I want to stop. I am learning to change to a more healthy lifestyle for me but mostly my daughter. I refuse to go crazy about it though and I will enjoy that bowl of ice cream when it's a rough day. My family loves me, I have great friends, and if they can accept and love me, why shouldn't I?

Now for the fun stuff, I will have a little bit of everything on this page eventually to quick meal plans for the hectic life, makeup reviews, nail of the week possibly, and of course pinterest adventures ;) Hope to have you along for the ride!

UPDATE:  Click Here for part 2!