Friday, June 28, 2013

Should You Believe the Body Shop Hype?

So if you are like me and constantly watch beauty videos on Youtube or look at beauty blogs you may have seen The Body Shop pop up a few times, more specifically, their body butters.  Now I love the idea of putting on lotion, and I have a few but I just can't stand the slippery feeling forever after I put it on, and then when it does go away I don't feel very moisturized. As much as I love Bath and Body works I just can't be bothered to put the lotion on. Which really sucks since I have a few bottles. But anyway I tried the Bath and Body works body butter once and I liked it more, and used the whole tub but I couldn't be bothered to run out and get another one.  But after all the attention and love these body butters were getting I really wanted to try one. However they are about $20 a tub and it's a little bit of a drive for me so I wanted it to go on sale when I was up there, which isn't often.
    Well my husband and I walked into the MCX on base one day and right as you walk in they have little tables with different perfumes and whatnot on them and immediately my eye caught none other than a table full of The Body Shop body butters.   Of course I flipped and raced over and started sniffing each one. Sadly they didn't have the coconut one which is the one I wanted to try the most and after consulting with the other person who would be sniffing me all day I ended up buying the Clementine scent.  Oh and why did I buy it there? It was $16 which is the same as Bath and Body works.


Anyway this is what it looks like.  Basically they all look like this just with a different fruit on the front to go with the scent. So I did go into this with pretty high expectations but ready for disappointment.  Holy cow you guys....this stuff is so amazing I can't even tell you.  I don't think I've quit putting it on and for me that's huge because like I said the idea is fine  but eh I always forget or don't want to. This stuff makes me want to put it on which is good. It fells really nice on the skin and for me it doesn't leave you greasy, the more you put on you will feel it but not in a slippery sort of way. I think it really sinks into your skin  and makes it nice. I put it on my feet which were..quite nasty to say the least from wearing flip flops and ballet flats all the time and I could tell the difference the next morning. My legs feel super soft and I have been having dry patchiness on my arm that I was honestly considering going to a dermatologist for since nothing I used worked to make it better. This stuff has reduced that patchiness and it hasn't even been a week! I am in love with this stuff and already want to go back and get more. So yes believe the hype! 

Now this does linger on your skin for quite some time after you put it on so be conscious of that and get a scent that will go with your perfume, or hey maybe this can act as your scent. They do have perfumes to go with it if you want.  The only downfall with this was my own, we were in a hurry when I was smelling these and my husband picked this one. Well once I got home and put it on I realized it didn't just smell like me it smelled like that citrus cleaner. So at first I was all...."crap!" and the funny thing is my husband smelled it again and said "more pledge?" joking around. So I wasn't the only one. So I won't get this scent again but its ok once you get used to it. But the product itself I can get over it for sure. Who knows maybe you will like it, just smell it a few times before you buy it lol.   
Just a creamy white/orange

It is more expensive than the average lotion but for me, if it works and fixes my problems like it has and I love it why not. Plus it is a pretty big tub.

See it's 200ml, 6.75oz, or 192g

A small swatch, very thick and creamy

Overall I think this is a great product to at least try, they do have travel sizes you can buy too to try them out over the big jar. Can't wait to try more things from The Body Shop! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

I'll Do It My Way

Hello everyone. So if you read my "goodbye" post, which I only think 1 person did you probably realized I hit a pretty rough patch. Everyone does. But understand I went from a completely sedentary state all day every day, to doing exercise every day except weekends. Eating better and less, being totally committed. And I know losing weight takes time. I would have been ok if I had just stayed where I was. Instead I had somehow gained weight. That made me lose hope and motivation. I just didn't understand how that could happen unless I really was just destined to be fat forever. So I just said whatever and ate what I wanted when I wanted. What did it matter right?

So my husband struggles with his weight standard for the military, he's never ridiculously off but he has problems keeping the weight off the healthy way. So we decided to try and eat mostly vegetarian. A big leap. But we have been doing it, granted I only have a few recipes and it's weird not preparing meat but it's actually not bad at all. We also bought a new blender to make smoothies more often and have protein shakes for lunch. So now that we are going all out on that front I decided to get back on the treadmill and do small arm workouts. Yesterday I also bought the green coffee bean extract to take before meals. It's starting to get a lot of hype about managing weight so I thought we could try it, not like it could hurt.

So we are trying that journey again. I can't say I don't have a bad body image and that I'm embarrassed to talk to strangers, or even people I know. But that's going to take time. Sitting here trying to be a "plus size inspiration" to you all was kinda a lie. By trying to just inspire you and help you really didn't do anything. I can't be fake and being fake happy. SO this blog is going to take a different direction. It will be beauty, it will be reviews, recipes, or just boring stories of my everyday life. You can see my ups and downs and maybe since that will be real, you can draw real inspiration out of it. Who knows what will be in this blog anymore, so stay tuned to find out.

Maybelline Color Whisper: Pin Up Peach

Alright I'm back!  Today I have a new find over the weekend for you. I had a rave review awhile ago about the Maybelline Color Whisper in Mad for Magenta and have been eyeing the rest of the collection ( I know that's a bit overkill) for the last couple of months. Well I finally got another color.  This one is called Pin up Peach.

Now this one is hard for me to model, the camera doesn't do it justice and on another note my lips are already really pigmented so if it's a lighter color generally it doesn't do much for me. However its a gorgeous shade that I think is another must have for just about anyone.  It is a wonderful peachy pink color and of course feels great on the lips, not sticky at all.

Excuse my face, no makeup on whatsoever. plain lips as you can see they are pretty dark already

Nice little swatch, not as bright as mad for magenta but a nice color

Ok I do have it on here, as you can see it doesn't do a whole lot for me but in person it does add a little color and evens out the color of my lips. I love that it's not super bright because this make it a great every day lip for me. 

A little closer. 

Overall  think this is a great color, especially if you have lighter lips than I do. Any darker I'm not sure how well it will show up on you its very light on me and like I said mainly evens out my lips. I wasn't sure that I liked it that much the first time I put it on. But once I knew it wasn't going to be bright and tried again I actually really liked it.  Great for just easily completing a look if your going out shopping or something. No fuss! Love these color whispers.