Monday, June 10, 2013

I'll Do It My Way

Hello everyone. So if you read my "goodbye" post, which I only think 1 person did you probably realized I hit a pretty rough patch. Everyone does. But understand I went from a completely sedentary state all day every day, to doing exercise every day except weekends. Eating better and less, being totally committed. And I know losing weight takes time. I would have been ok if I had just stayed where I was. Instead I had somehow gained weight. That made me lose hope and motivation. I just didn't understand how that could happen unless I really was just destined to be fat forever. So I just said whatever and ate what I wanted when I wanted. What did it matter right?

So my husband struggles with his weight standard for the military, he's never ridiculously off but he has problems keeping the weight off the healthy way. So we decided to try and eat mostly vegetarian. A big leap. But we have been doing it, granted I only have a few recipes and it's weird not preparing meat but it's actually not bad at all. We also bought a new blender to make smoothies more often and have protein shakes for lunch. So now that we are going all out on that front I decided to get back on the treadmill and do small arm workouts. Yesterday I also bought the green coffee bean extract to take before meals. It's starting to get a lot of hype about managing weight so I thought we could try it, not like it could hurt.

So we are trying that journey again. I can't say I don't have a bad body image and that I'm embarrassed to talk to strangers, or even people I know. But that's going to take time. Sitting here trying to be a "plus size inspiration" to you all was kinda a lie. By trying to just inspire you and help you really didn't do anything. I can't be fake and being fake happy. SO this blog is going to take a different direction. It will be beauty, it will be reviews, recipes, or just boring stories of my everyday life. You can see my ups and downs and maybe since that will be real, you can draw real inspiration out of it. Who knows what will be in this blog anymore, so stay tuned to find out.

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