Friday, February 22, 2013

Lovely Lips: Maybelline Color Vivids: Vivd Rose

Alrighty guys I know I've been gone but we moved this weekend! However I wanted to get a new post up.
   Now the Maybelline Color Vivids are pretty new and I picked one up in the color Vivid Rose awhile ago. I'm new to lipsticks and all that and wanted a nice spring color and thought oh these would be the way to go, nice bright colors.  Let me just warn you these lip colors are not for the shy, they are called Vivids for a reason.
    The texture is really nice and goes on smooth, I don't feel like my lips are dry or sticky. I usually tone this down by biting a tissue a coupe times and maybe putting something over it but for this post I skipped that. Even still I feel that this color will fade a little through the day but you still get a nice wash of color which is great if you're like me and don't really touch up your makeup during the day, set it and forget it!
   So lets get on with it! Here are some swatches for you.

                                            Are you scared of the color yet? I was!


                      Hope these swatches were helpful! Have a good weekend everybody :)                

Click Here to get this color! Or to check out any others haha

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