Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mani Mania: Essie Fiji

Woo I have something fun for you finally! Last night I painted my nails in a new color I bought a few days ago. Now I do apologize for the lighting, the polish doesn't show up very well on my camera but I will show you my picture and another from the internet.

 this is my picture, I'm sorry for the ragged edges but it was late and I'm moving today so i figured they will get ruined anyway.

Now this well groomed person is from the internet..obviously ;)

As you can tell it's one of those color where lighting effects it. It is a very light pale pink. Now I normally stay away from bright colors, I tend to be a dark purple and black sort of person in clothing as well as polish. But this year I am trying to be a little brave. You might think this is boring or maybe you don't think you can wear a pastel like color but guess again! I always thought that too but I am in love with this polish. I think it looks better in person than any picture can show you.  The great part is I think this would look good on just about anyone, it is a very flattering color.  Perfect for if you want to have something on your nails but can't decide on which one or just don't feel like a bold color. If I were to go to a job interview or worked in public with a strict dress code this is something I would gladly throw on and not worry about it being too loud but looking put together.
     The downside to this polish is that it really needs 3 coats. In my picture I am wearing 2 coats with 1 coat of OPI top coat. Like I said short on time and moving so I didn't bother with a last coat thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. My husband saw my hand after I was done and even he commented that it looked blotchy. So if you are willing to work with it and have the time I would really recommend this color!

Click Here to check it out!

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