Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Tattoo: Pinterest Inspiration

Aliright I know this already sounds super lame and stupid. Who the hell would get a tattoo off Pinterest?! I promise it's not exact and I do have a reason behind it. Now I'm sure most of you who have Pinterest have seen this little image floating around
I know I've seen a lot of people saying they got this exact tattoo on there as well. Which I'll admit discouraged me for a bit, I didn't want a tattoo everyone else had. But it was the first thing I pinned that started my tattoo board.  It was something I didn't have to think about I wanted it. I loved the idea of this little song bird.
   So thinking about it for awhile I turned to my nerdy side. You know Final Fantasy? The game? Yeah I decided to take the opening theme from Final Fantasy 10 and put those music notes in instead of the ones used in the above picture.  I know you're saying WTF?! Are you stupid? Between Pinterest and a video game you must be.  I know I get it.
   I've always loved music, been in choir, always singing along with my best friends I've had since 5th grade. Music was a huge part of our lives and we moved away, them to college, me to chase my sweetheart as he joined the Marines.  It's still hard.  Anyway another big part of our lives were video games, particularly Final Fantasy. We always talk about old times and always, always come back to Final Fantasy 10.  We had the soundtracks the books we drew the characters. The beginning theme is so pretty too, I've always loved it.  So I decided this would be my first tattoo to keep me close to them. To always remember that happiness when I feel lonely. Obviously everyone will just see a bird or that bird from Pinterest, but I see the music. I did make a couple of changes with it but overall I'm happy with it.
                                                    Excuse my shirt haha

It's larger than I intended but I love it, I don't regret it at all and I just want more.

Did it hurt?  Oh yeah. I've always heard and felt that I had a high pain tolerance but this did hurt way more than I was expecting. Nothing that had me crying or flipping out but it was definitely sore. Once I got used to it it was a little better.

This was a really light tattoo so it actually healed up in a little over a week. That was nice.
All in all I thought it was such a popular pin maybe someone would like to see it as an actual tattoo instead of a drawing.  Enjoy!

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