Monday, June 23, 2014

Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening

Hi everyone! I know I probably don't have a huge audience but I just wanted to say I'm sorry for being gone for roughly a year I'm guessing.  It has been a very long crazy year and it still is. However I really want to try to make this blog a thing of mine. Not just a whim hobby.  I set up a word-press account but I'm still figuring it out.  The address for that is I will be following a rough schedule there and here so I will be posting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  My current idea is Rambling Monday, Weight loss Wednesday, and Foodie Friday.

So now that that is out of the way onto the title of this post.  I apologize beforehand for not having before and after pictures. This is just something I do when I feel it's needed.

Imagine, you wake up and enjoy the most delicious cup of coffee before getting ready for the day.  Today you feel fierce and decide to rock a red lip.  Looking into the mirror you think "I'm hot!" and then you smile.  Your mojo pools onto the floor as you see yellow teeth.
   Has that happened to you? It has to me.  I always gt confused how yellow they seem to turn overnight.  No way am I paying 40 bucks for white-strips so I came up with the easiest way to whiten your teeth.  Depending on your store you might spend $6 or you might just have these on hand.  You will need hydrogen peroxide and a Q-tip, whitening toothpaste is optional.

  • Take your Q-tip and dip 1 side into the peroxide
  • Smile like you're applying for clown school, teeth bared
  • Brush peroxide on top set of teeth (don't put on fillings, it will hurt), Keep smiling!
  • Repeat process for bottom teeth and you guessed it, keep smiling
You want to keep this ridiculous smile on so the peroxide doesn't wash away right after you put it on. Stay like this for roughly 30 seconds. During this time I like to put everything away and get my toothbrush ready.  I like to use the Crest whitening toothpastes for good measure and just brush your little heart out. And that's it!  Easy thing to add to your routine right? I only do this once a day for about a week but depending on your teeth sensitivity or if you feel your teeth are really yellow you can do this two times a day.  
   You might prefer this method because it's cheap, quick, easy, isn't as harsh for those with sensitive teeth, and doesn't give uneven whitening. Are you confused by that last one?  Well I used a sample whitestrip and when I took it off I had blinding white polka dots on my teeth. As soon as I smiled you could tell, cute right?  So I had to warn my husband so I didn't scare him away when he got home. Luckily I fixed it with the peroxide trick after a couple of days. 

If you try this out please comment and let me know below!  

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