Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mani Mania: I'm seeing orange!

So I have a quick nail color for you today. I fell in love with the Essie Resort Collection this year and now have all 4 colors. It's a problem I know.  Last night I had just enough time to get 1 coat of Essies "Come Here!" color on. So do bare in mind this is only 1 coat of polish, no topcoat. Also my lighting today is crap because it has been cloudy and stormy the last few days so I apologize.

These pictures do not do this color justice, it is brighter in person, brighter than what I was expecting but it's still good!

So this is quite a glare but hopefully you can see orange!

This is the most accurate picture I can get with the lighting. It's a quite bright orange color.

Granted it's a lot brighter in person but it's gorgeous. I probably wouldn't have bought it if I had expected orange just because it sounds scary but this is wearable somehow haha.
    I would say it's similar to Cute as a Button but this does not have a pink undertone like that one. I'm sure if you look at the Essie website this would say coral but in my book it's orange. I'm simple like that. 

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