Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yo Mamma!

What? No one else thinks of Yo Mamma jokes when they see the "Not Your Mothers" hair care products? Well fine then, onto the actual point of this blog.

I was terrible and had some retail therapy yesterday and while in the hair aisle I decided I need to start trying to do my hair.  So naturally I went for the most interesting bottle that was also fantastically cheap.  No kidding at Target this brand is $4.75 across the board.  For a big bottle might I add.


Sorry terrible pic but you get the basic idea of what it looks like. 

 So the proper name of this is actually "Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray"  Infused with Dead Sea Salt and Sea Kelp.  That might sound scary but anything with sea salt in it I'm all over. I keep seeing this sort of thing pop up as well. But seriously back to the price, the size of this bottle ( 8 oz) for $4.75 how cool. 

So basically I've always sucked at hair and this seemed perfect for summer, just spray and go and have it be wavy and awesome and be a model. Well in my head. It is supposed to add waves, texture, and separate. All you have to do is mist generously all over your hair and you can use it dry or wet.   

My hair does tend to have some wave to it already but nothing great and some pieces are flat while pieces like my bangs curl so weirdly that it looks like the letter L.  But after I came home I tried it on my pretty straight dry hair.  I have to say I wasn't a big fan of it that way. I felt like it made it chunky to the point of looking like I hadn't washed my hair in a couple of days on the top of my head.  It also just felt strange. I brushed it out a bit and that helped but it looses some of the effect that way.  

This morning right out of the shower I decided to try spraying it in wet hair.  I think I like it better this way  but for me it does make my hair take quite a long time to dry for some reason.  I think the wave looks better, though I did miss pieces. And another downfall is that it made my hair incredibly frizzy and had a lot of fly aways. I guess that does happen after being on the beach but I have a problem with frizz to begin with. But no matter I took some styling spray (I'm sure you could take hairspray or anything you use with frizz normally) and just sprayed it on my hand and combed where I needed it. 

This is what it does for me. It's a little difficult to see with my dark hair but it does add nice wave. 

I'll continue to experiment with this but I do like it. The smell is strong but lucky for me I love it haha. But for the price why not try it?  Hope you have a good day!  

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