Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper: My New Obsession!

Alright so as the title says I have found my new lip obsession. I actually wasn't intending to buy any of the color whispers just because I already have a bunch of Revlon lip butters and a color vivid lipstick as you may have seen on here. I don't get to wear makeup, especially lip products too often just because, why wear it when I'm lounging in my house in my PJ's haha. But my curiosity got the best of me, especially since it was 25% off at the MCX, The MCX is a store on military bases just in case no one knew.  I think these are Maybellines version of the Revlon lip butters but honestly, I think I like this one more. I had bad luck with the lip butters, sometimes they were sticky, or the color was off when first using it, or my lips looked like a drag queen and a fairy exploded on my lips with all the glitter.  But I still really like a couple of them.
    This Color whisper is a really nice finish, not sticky at all, its so nice feeling! I think my lips are really getting moisturized and it doesn't sink into any lines on my lips. There is glitter in the product but once it's on my lips I can't tell at all. The only downfall is that this is something you will have to reapply depending on what all you're doing. These don't stain but that's ok for me, I've been just putting it on throughout the day just because I love it so much!
    It's probably not only the feel but I am absolutely in love with the color I got which is always a good thing. But this isn't something that is in your face, it can be really sheer or have a little more color but I don't think it looks like I have anything caked on my lips. So here are some swatches for you of the color I got.

This is the color Mad for Magenta                                                             

The one on the left is one swipe, the one on the right is three. 

Up close on the lips

Bare lips, except for some lip balm

Yay! It's not a huge difference but enough 

From a distance. I love that it's not an obvious bold lip color but enough to add a little something and pull the look together. I will definitely be reaching for this all Spring/Summer long! 

Here is the link in case you want to check it out!  Mad for Magenta Color Whisper! 

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  1. Thanks for posting! This color is absolutely gorgeous! I'll have to go get some. :)