Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday: Obstacles

Well it's Wednesday again. Sadly Sunday night I somehow ended up with a pinched nerve that went into Monday. I couldn't move my head or hardly move without pain so I obviously didn't get on the treadmill then. Yesterday I was still pretty sore but better so I decided to keep resting to get better faster if that makes sense. Luckily on Saturday we went to the wildlife park and walked forever! We really got a good workout.
    Now I got on today even though I'm not 100% and I only walked but it's something and felt if I could do it I should. Weight wise, I am back to 185.4 lbs. So for me I'm a little surprised considering I haven't really been working out much the last couple of weeks but I guess any little bit helps, plus eating better portions.
    I know it's not a lot and maybe if you are in the same spot of having a hard time getting started think of this. It's really not the number on the scale. At the park just walking from the parking lot uphill to the entrance gate would always get me out of breath, I would have to stop a lot and just sounded terrible. This weekend we parked farther away than ever before and as we were walking even my husband commented that I was doing a lot better right from the start. So even if the numbers haven't gone down or anything I'm becoming a little more fit. I wouldn't go as far to say I'm actually fit haha yeah right. But there is a difference happening and that's exactly what I want. So keep it up, even if you aren't seeing a difference on the scale there is a difference happening on the inside and that is the best kind of change!

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