Friday, April 12, 2013

Amy Lee Inspired Look, just for fun!

So I love to play around with makeup. I always have, me and my friends would do each others hair and makeup and have "photo shoots" so much fun! I was thinner then but they always said I looked similar to Amy Lee and whenever it was my turn to have my makeup done that is where they drew inspiration fr om.

If you don't know who Amy Lee is she is the lead singer from Evanescence. Widely known for her smokey dark eyeliner and a red lip.
Now I've never tried to copy someone's makeup so go easy, and I did it using the webcam as my mirror..because i'm too lazy to stand in front of a real mirror haha! First I'll show you the pictures I looked at to get inspired for my look.



So here is my sad attempt lol!  


                                                 Just a side look at makeup and eyes

                                      From the lip is a little more red in person but oh well haha

hope you enjoy! 

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