Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Weight Loss: New Routine

So now that I'm sitting down to write this I think I might have mentioned this already, at least somewhat it my last post.  But oh well!

I'm getting an actual routine down this week. I know I was talking about starting pilates which I'm doing still but I don't want you to think I just do one thing constantly.  For me personally that has never gotten me anywhere. I've always needed something slightly different every day to see results and to not get bored. Now  that I'm doing this I've been doing better at sticking with it. So I'm only back down to 185.2 but normally my low is 185.4 not much but something. And I think I have lost 2lbs this week (those applebees pastas can really pack on the weight!)  Anyway I think it's working pretty well.
   In my mind (no way am I educated in it, just speaking from experience) there does need to be cardio and something else. I'm not a stickler about those rules but I get it. It takes time to warm up and by the time you get done with your 10 minute workout it really isn't working as well. So in the pilates video I linked in my previous post it actually includes your warm up for that work out and stretches.

Here is what my week looks like

Monday: Pilates ab 15 minutes, Treadmill 10-12 minutes
Tuesday: Pilates butt blasting workout 6 minutes (will link down below)
Wednesday: Pilates ab 15 minutes, Treadmill 10-12
Thursday: Pilates butt blasting workout 6 minutes
Friday: Pilates ab 15 minutes, Treadmill 10-12

I know It's still repetitive but its still where I'm at and if anything gets to be too easy I will make it longer or find another workout.  My treadmill time is also limited to a very impatient baby.

Treadmill time is different, on Monday I  did a fast paced walk (on speedl 4) for 4 minutes then ran on speed 5 for 3 minutes, then walked for another 4 on speed 3 and on a level 4 incline.

Then today I only walked on speed 3 but I started normal, after 2 minutes raised it to a level 3 incline, another minutes went to 4 and so on until I was on 7 incline and stayed there until I finished my time.

I find doing this you can adjust to what your day is like but still get a good workout in. If you are tired you are more likely to do something if you let yourself take it easy. But if you have a rigid schedule you won't want to do it at all. This is just what helps me, maybe you should try it?

Anyway do you have a routine like this? Let me know!

Click here to visit the Butt Blasting Workout!

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