Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mani Mania: A Cheaper Alternative

Ok so I know I've been on an Essie kick through this whole thing. That hasn't changed too much, there are still a lot of colors I want in my collection, especially in the Resort collection.  For the last 3 weekends I've searched every store I've been near hoping to find In the Cab-ana and Under Where? A Blue and purple that I've been obsessed with finding. But frustrated I found myself in Target looking one last time hoping to find it, but nope of course not!  But I did see the display for L'oreal polishes.
   Back when I was younger I tried a few Salley Hansen polishes and a couple glittery wet n wild ones that I just wasn't a huge fan of but hey, how could I complain? Now that I'm on my own I've been a China Glaze, OPI, and Essie only person. I know I feel like a snob but really it was just the other polishes always chipped right away and I just don't have the time to do my nails every other day anymore.
   There were two blues on the stand and since I was mainly after a blue, just to shake up my normal colors, I took a look. There was a brighter one that was pretty but the one I bought was a darker turquoise color. The name is quite appropriate, I've been obsessed with getting back to the ocean and just the colors of it all and this really seemed like a good color for me.

What is it you asked? Of course it is L'oreal but it is called Now you sea me.


Such a beautiful ocean blue. I love that it's a brighter color but it's not a super bold blue like most polishes I see. I just can't pull off blues very well. 

It's very opaque, I only ended up needing 2 coats though in the beginning I thought I'd need 3. The brush I'm not sure about, it is a wide brush a lot like the Nicole by OPI. I'm not a fan of big nail brushes but I got used to it pretty quick and it's just a personal preference. 

The great thing about this that has really impressed me though has been the lasting power. I bought it thinking it would only last a day and chip all to hell.  But as you can see they look brand new, I just took this picture, but painted my nails on Sunday. Crazy right?! Plus it's only about $5 and some change. I'm all for a great polish at a cheaper price. I am not a L'oreal fan for makeup but I am in love with this polish. I will probably take a closer look at the other colors next chance I get! 

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