Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Well this is my break time from cleaning and unpacking so I'm just going to go over my weekend with you all.

So for the second weekend in a row I went to Torrid to hopefully find a tank top or a shirt of some sort to find absolutely nothing. The only thing they had in my size were sweaters it was crazy. All I wanted to do was shop on Saturday, get makeup and clothes and just not care. Lets just say I needed some retail therapy. But of course the tank top I was stalking online suddenly was online exclusive. Now I have a funny body type even for some Torrid clothes, especially their tank tops so I really don't like to buy without trying it on.

That was a dud, so then we walked over to Target and holy crap. Is it always the 3rd level of hell in there? I had a whole list in my head and could not think to save my life in that place, that never happens. I usually don't get too bothered by crowds but man I could not deal with that place. So I've been after the Essie polish "in the Cab-ana" and it's another thing I haven't found anywhere. So frustrating! But I got a new heat protectant...yay? It's the new Keratin smooth by Tressemme if you are wondering. And I suppose I did get a new Essie base coat to replace my Salley Hansen one, which I completely used! I didn't know it was possible to use a whole bottle of polish.

I've been looking for sunglasses for awhile now. Mine were almost 3 years old, courtesy of the 7-11 in Twenty-nine Palms before a road trip haha. They were peeling in weird spots and my daughter liked to play with them. Plus they were thinner and I just hate seeing the rim of the glasses. Finally I found a pair after looking for a month or so. They were at Charlotte Russe for 5 bucks! After military discount but really they were 6 bucks but on sale 2 for $10. I just didn't have time or the desire for more shopping at that point. But I'm happy with them. If I wasn't disheveled from cleaning I'd show you, but I'm sure they will make an appearance once I'm decent.

So here is the part of the weekend where I rant. Why are people just automatically pissed and think they are so much better than you? We were at a stop sign in a parking lot waiting to turn left after a car pulled in farther at the In and Out drive through. No one was around. Well a car came around that last car in line, cut them off and started like they were going to turn next to us, no big deal.  But then shes basically stopped half turned looking right at us. She's a big car and we aren't so much, so we can't really see and with the line going out we couldn't go anywhere. We were confused and then I realized, oh she must want that spot right next to the stop sign. Ok fine, but we can't go around at that point. She could wait right?
NO! Of course not, she rolled down her window and said "I want that spot" ok my husband said "well we need to go that way" and she immediately started screaming and said "SO WHAT?" now my husband didn't hear that but that threw me into a rage, I can't stand that. and we are yelling at her that we are at a stop sign and she asks if we know how to drive. Frankly I yelled for her to quit being a bitch. Why can't people just ask nicely? They have to have that exact spot right that second? They couldn't wait for us to turn before they made everyone stuck? When people ask nicely or let us know nicely I'm more than happy to back up if we can or let them into the lane. Same with my husband, so since this lady was so important he put the car in park and she got pissed and flew around us to a parking spot maybe 25ft away. We then turned and went to the line like planned. But I saw her son get out and then he got back in and they turned around and left, didn't even go back to that spot. So what was so important? I don't understand people.
     The real kicker is my husband thinks she was an Officers wife. Officer in the military, not a cop. Which irritates me even more. Wives should not wear their husbands rank. They, including me didn't do shit to earn entitlement. Wives are equal, because that is all we are, wives. We have no rank. UGH! ok I'm done ranting haha don't you just have those days though where everything goes wrong and people piss you off?

But I did get to eat out at Applebees and have my daughter behave until the very end which was way better than normal. And we went to Trader Joes which is always a gold mine. Oh! Try the Salsa especial with some blue corn chips. So good!

Anyway back to cleaning for me, how was everyone's weekend? Let me know!

The look I was rocking this weekend

Easy look for running around, what do you think?

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