Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beauty Inside and Out

I know this is an inspiration blog, but really it seems more like a beauty blog. I apologize for that. I honestly just love makeup and forget sometimes. It's such a passion for me. And I got to thinking about when I started this blog, watching all the beauty guru's online. But I want to be a bit different than them. Obviously I'm plus size and most of them are not. Ok got it. Maybe we strive to be like them, they just seem so perfect right? Great life, super pretty, seem to have everything together.  And maybe you love makeup too, have a bunch of it  you can never use up in a year even, wear it every day. You might not even be able to go out of the house without it.

Or maybe you wear it in the house, with no one to see you, just so you can look in the mirror.

That's when it gets scary. If you are that person, or doing it more and more I ask you to listen.

I'm guilty of these things. I want to be like those perfect people. I want to be skinny and shop at any store I want. I want to look flawless and have big beautiful eyes and all of that.  But I truly love makeup. Don't get me wrong I don't love makeup because I want to change myself no no.
   There was a time I wouldn't go anywhere without makeup on. Not even down the road, just to get the mail would cause me to panic and hope no one would see me. I'd take forever to get ready, because I had to be perfect and do makeup. Which hey who doesn't take forever with it haha. But only after I had my daughter did I have to sit back and realize I couldn't wear makeup every single day. I didn't have that luxury of time. It really sucked and I'd be so irritated when I tried to do it that I couldn't get very far in before I'd have to give up. Even when I was home all day just us.  But I got used to it, at first I felt like a ugly disgusting mess.  Only to add to the sleepless nights and frantic cries of a newborn. But eventually I forgot makeup, I focused on nails until I didn't have the time for that anymore. Nothing in my boxes were touched, not even the 50 dollars worth of palettes and brushes I had bought only a few months before.
I think it really did wonders for me. As much as it sucked then. I had to go out of the house without makeup, whenever I went somewhere it was just me. Nothing hiding my zits, or redness, or dark circles, nothing to make my eyes pretty, not even perfect hair. And I was ok with it, because I was getting out of the house letting the baby sleep in the car, getting small treats whatever. I did really try to improve my skin but I always have, but that is what I spent my time on instead of trying to cover everything up I just wanted to fix it to begin with.

Gradually I started doing makeup more, usually just for going out somewhere because it's almost like an event to me now, I stay home until the weekend. That is my time to get dressed up and have fun. I still go out without it sometimes even then. Now I appreciate it and having a clean face all day.

Not wearing makeup helped my skin, and now all I have usually is some redness, I do break out sometimes but who doesn't. But now I can say my skin is smooth which helps with going out without it. But really it just helps you feel better about yourself, more than makeup can.

You don't have to wear makeup to feel pretty, or put together. That is horrible. It's still you..just fake in a way. No one is perfect and no one should have to feel like they need to hide themselves. It's not a necessity. It should not be your crutch. It should be a fun tool to play with. I think if you are like me you need to force yourself, if only every once in awhile and in steps depending on where you are, put the makeup away. It will be hard, but you will see your friends, will still be your friends. Your family who loves you? They will still love you. Makeup doesn't change who you are inside. So if your beautiful inside, it will shine through and make you more beautiful than makeup ever can.

Inner beauty is key!


  1. Very well said. :) This doesn't only apply to make up but everything else that changes your appearance like hair dyes, tattoos and piercings other than the normal ear lobe ones.

    1. Thank you! And I agree, while I do dye my hair sometimes, have a tattoo its all just because I like how it looks but nothing to hide behind. So good point :)