Friday, April 26, 2013

Mani Mania + weekly recap

Hello everyone! I've been gone for a little bit since my husband was on vacation all week. We were out and about all day every day just about doing chores and things. We also did quite a bit of shopping so I'm hoping to post/film a haul video :)  Not to brag, its just things I've gotten over the last few weeks. With that haul I'm hoping to do some reviews as well. Ok that wasn't the weekly recap I thought it would be but oh well haha.

A couple of things I got were 2 of the polishes in the Essie Resort collection. It finally came to the CVS near me. I swear it took me forever to choose, and not to get all 4. I did get In the Cab-ana which is everywhere so I'll wait to show that one. I haven't seen so much of the purple shade of the Under where? though so I bought that one and decided to show you guys today :)


I will say this isn't my favorite color. It's nice and everything and I will wear it for spring but it just wasn't what I expected. For me it's not  as bright as I was hoping, more milky and quite so to speak.  It also took 3 coats to get this shade which as you know does not work for me most days with a toddler running around. But this may work better for you like I said nice color just wasn't what I was expecting. You know how that goes. I will say personally it is not a toe color, just sayin. 

Hope this was helpful and keep a look out for more reviews!  

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