Thursday, April 4, 2013

TMI ALERT: How to get rid of acne on your "chest area"

You can tell from the title that this is going to be a TMI post. I debated doing it because it is pretty gross and embarrassing but I have been searching myself on the internet for years on what to do and could not find anything on the subject. I can't be alone though right? Out of billions of people in this world I can't be the only one with this embarrassing problem.  So please do not read if you can't handle the boobie talk!

Now there will be pictures involved to show you the problem.

Just kidding, could you imagine? No porn here!

Anyway to describe my problem. I have had this problem ever since I can remember. I don't know if it comes from having larger breasts or what. On the underside...I know this is embarrassing for me too, I have always had darkness that comes up to between my breasts as well. Always rough and looking like it was dirty there. I have always been a clean freak taking 2 showers a day that were an hour long when I was younger. So no it wasn't dirty haha. Eventually I started getting acne and a slew of bad black heads. WTF right? At least that's what went through my head. No matter what acne scrub I used in the shower or tools it never helped. I just rubbed myself raw. Which really sucked when I put on a bra. I even went so far as to put on face masks there. I know I'm strange but maybe you have had this happen to. No matter what I've done over the years it never really helped.

Well I've started a new routine so to speak and I've really been noticing a difference. Before I get started I will have all the products I mention linked down below.

I take my showers in the morning so whenever you shower is fine but the main tool I have been using is the Olay Pro-X advanced cleansing system. It is a brush like the Clarisonic but a fraction of the price.  It's between $20-$30 depending on where you go.


It comes with the brush, batteries and a little sample of some olay scrub.  I use the scrub occasionally but I really like it but you can also use your own cleanser. I put this on the highest speed and use my Simple refreshing facial gel. 


I lather this on my chest like I would do with my face and use the brush on all areas on the highest settings. I move in small circles and I do go over some areas more than once until I feel like it is cleaned, usually around a minute or just over. I do use the brush for my face at night so I make sure to wash it well after every use. 

Of course rinse and finish your shower After I do that I usually wash with my soap and loofah like always. I feel like if I cleanse first the soap can really clean better. Who knows if it's true though. 

Once I'm out of the shower I dry off completely and basically treat my chest like my face. I mean why not if it helps your face why not your chest?  

I take a little cotton ball or pad and put some toner on it and wipe it on the area I want to clean. Toners basically pick up any dirt your face wash didn't get so it's important to do this thoroughly. You may need a few cotton pads/balls especially if this is your first time. You will see the dirt coming off trust me. I really like this toner, it does great at getting a lot of excess dirt off. 


Yes after I apply this it takes a minute to dry so I lift the girls up so they completely dry. No I don't do mock puppet shows during this. 

Once dry I apply spot treatment all over. I use the Clearasil brand, it comes in a box like this. 


Once that's dry I moisturize all over. it doesn't have to be anything special I like to use my bath and body works lotion. 

Doing this for just over a week has really helped get rid of the darkness and some blackheads. My skin is also a lot softer. No I'm not a creep I swear! I think if I keep doing this my skin will get a lot better and I look forward to it.  I really hope this has helped anyone with the same problem. I know its embarrassing even when no one sees that part of you. 

If you try this let me know if it helped in the comments below!  

Click on any of these links to check it out!

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