Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pilates, It's Not Over rated

Ok so are you like me when something is super popular you figure it's probably over rated and you just don't give it the time of day? Ok some things are exceptions and I can give in to things like a food or music but at least in the beginning that's how I am. Well I used to think that about Pilates and Yoga. I mean how can a bunch of stretches do anything for you?
    Well back when I lost weight the first time when my husband was in bootcamp I looked into it and thought I would give it a try if I could find something online that I felt I could do. I tried yoga and couldn't get into that. But then I came across a beginners pilates video by Sparks People. It was only 15 minutes long which was great, I didn't want a  super long video like most I had seen and when I watched it I felt I could probably do it. So I gave it a try and granted I really couldn't do a lot of it but I still tried and even if I couldn't do it the most gracefully I felt it was a start. And something clicked that I really sucked at it but instead of giving up like I always did I would stick with it and try every time even on the easiest level (they had degrees of difficulty) and eventually I'd get better and better. And luckily I was right. I'm so glad I stuck with it. I began to do that video every night because it was short and the next day I felt the burn and felt it was really working. So along with that video I included walking/running on the treadmill. Eventually I lost 25-30 lbs.

                                             BEWARE! UNFLATTERING PICTURE AHEAD!

This was Sophomore Year I think. Excuse the makeup and shiny it was late girls night haha

As you can see I was bigger, I've always had a very round face but this is when I was heavier in High school I'm sorry I don't have a picture closer to Senior year.  Anyway I basically looked like this haha. But after I started doing the Pilates and Treadmill thing I looked like the next picture, if you can tell a difference.

It's not the greatest look but you get the pun intended ;)

It took awhile and hard work but I felt so much better even if I felt like death in the beginning... did that make sense? I hope so. Oh well haha.  

So the point of all that is it is possible. And even if it's hard and you suck at it and you can't even hold your own body up for a minute you will get better if you just keep trying. I know I did it once. I just have to have the confidence that I can do it again. So today I started that pilates video again and I did suck haha. But I figure I will have to do that along with the treadmill to get the best results. If you want to check out the Pilates  video I've been talking about I will link it down below. 

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